Obara offers a full range of welding guns, with
various types of drives, transformers, and size
options to provide our customers with the solutions
to meet all of their resistance spot welding needs.
Made precisely to match customer specifications,
Obara’s electrodes and adapters are made from
quality materials for superior cooling capacity and
extended life cycle to help reduce downtime.
From portable welding to lightweight robotic
welding, and from AC to MFDC power supplies,
Obara has a transformer to meet all of our
customer’s applications.
While keeping a careful watch on new trends in
technology, Obara’s weld controllers have evolved
over the years to provide superior performance and
reliability, while also being very user friendly.
To achieve longer life, high quality materials and
improved production techniques have been used in
Obara shunts, cables, and other secondary
We work closely with our customers to optimize
holders and gun arms to their unique requirements
by focusing on strength and limiting weight.