Pneumatic Robot Guns
Obara offers a wide range of pneumatic robotic
welding guns, including designs with AC or MFDC
transformers. Designs are based upon ease of
interchangeability to accommodate a full range of
throat sizes, weld forces, and tip openings.
Portable Spot Welding Guns
Although new technology is constantly being
introduced to the market, portable spot welding
guns still have widespread use due to their
unparalleled advantages.  Obara provides PSW
guns throughout the world with excellent
ergonomics, low costs, and high durability.
Fixture Guns
Obara’s fixture, or hard tooling, guns incorporate a
slim and compact design, thanks to the utilization of
superior materials and Obara’s sophisticated
machining expertise. A wide variety of customer
applications can be accommodated by selecting
from our standard catalog designs.