Kickless Cables
"Obara-6X" Kickless Cables are characterized by
low impedance and a high electrical power factor.
These cables have been developed based on the
following parameters.

•     High heat endurance
•     Maximum flexibility and durability
•     Optimal water cooling
•     Ease of maintenance
Air-Cooled Secondary Cables
Obara’s air-cooled cables are designed specifically
for the harsh conditions
of the resistance spot
welding enviroment.
Protective sleeves in
several types of
materials are available.
Water-Cooled Secondary Cables
The advanced technologies of the wire stranding,
terminal geometry, and crimping method result in
exceptional resistance to wear, heat and oil.
Laminate Shunts
Obara's laminate shunts are made from high
conductivity materials to reduce resistance and
improve longevity. We offer a wide variety of sizes
and mounting patterns. Common sizes are in stock
and other sizes can be quickly made to order.